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Golders Green Parish Church – Newsletter

25 November 2020

Greetings to Everyone:

Hoping your week has gone well. We are nearly through this second lockdown (hopefully) and coming towards Advent, a period of waiting, expectation and Hope in itself. We badly need that! Thinking, too, of Christmas and bearing in mind it is likely to be one like no other, I was wondering if we could use the newsletter as a means of sending our greetings to each other by “virtual” Christmas cards. They could have comments on with a picture or drawing, or just be a greeting from you, whatever takes your fancy, so we know we are keeping in touch at this time. It would be so good if our young ones would like to draw us something to brighten up our pages as well. Please give it a thought and send in your greetings, in whatever form you like and whenever you like, from now on, or when inspiration strikes! They will go in the newsletter in the two editions before Christmas and be something bright and joyous for us all to share.

Send them to: .You could send it to the parish office: Golders Green Church, West Heath Drive, Golders Green NW11 7QG, or, if you are nearby, Max , who most of you know, could pick it up.

It was so good to welcome the Revd Charlotte to be with us to preside at our Sunday service for the first time. Welcome Charlotte, we look forward to your being with us from now until Easter, getting to know you and maybe hearing something of the work you are doing for the organization, “Streetlight UK”, a Christian charity whose purpose is to help women in Enfield and Edmonton exit prostitution, and to deter men from reoffending by running perpetrator courses. How apt, as this week is the start of “16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence” (See Jenny’s article)

Thanks to Tony for managing the zooming from home while Charlotte was in church- an unenviable tasks but it gets better and better for us.

Good wishes - Sally

This week we have:

  • Tony’s updates on progress;
  • Thoughts from Pam
  • Greetings from Margaret
  • An article from Jenny on the, “!6 Days of Activism against Gender Violence” starting from 25 November. This contains crucial information to help anyone you know who might be being affected by this, as instances of abuse have been creeping up since the beginning of lockdown;
  • Prayers for the Nation from both Archbishops with daily suggestions of themes to pray for during the week;
  • Lots of other information re services and prayers and, most importantly, our own list of prayers for the sick. Please don’t forget to send in any prayers for anyone you know who would welcome them.
Please note below is the zoom link for joining in our Sunday service. It will be the same for every Sunday.
Meeting ID: 829 3706 4369
Passcode: 488591
One tap mobile
+442030512874,,82937064369#,,,,,,0#,,488591# United Kingdom
+442034815237,,82937064369#,,,,,,0#,,488591# United Kingdom
Dial by your location
+44 203 051 2874 United Kingdom
+44 203 481 5237 United Kingdom
+44 203 481 5240 United Kingdom
+44 203 901 7895 United Kingdom
+44 131 460 1196 United Kingdom
Meeting ID: 829 3706 4369
Passcode: 488591

As you know we are coming towards the end of the second lockdown period. Yesterday we saw the news that most of England is going into tier 2 or 3. It is likely that we will be able to meet again in the Parish Church subject to the social distancing rules. So, whilst I would like to do that, as I suspect you would as well, I have been looking at various options for our heating in church. I am about to have an email conversation with the PCC about what we do next. We received the quote on the repairing the current boiler. Our issue is about capacity and so I think we need to discuss the best way forward so that we do not, as it were, waste money unnecessarily.

I hope many of you will join us this Sunday, for it would be good to see as many as possible.

Stay Blessed- Tony


Are you There God? It's me Pam

I’ve plagiarized the line from the Judy Blume novel showing my age, but not sure whether that makes me seem very young or alternatively very old. Hmm.

The title popped into my head as I was reflecting on what to write for the newsletter. Also, there’s the worry that you won’t match the high standards set of others who have gone before you. Hopefully, this’ll do.

I started writing this just after the start of the second lockdown. Prior to its announcement I was going into the office once a week. I love reading and have limited time to read for leisure and so my tube journeys were blissfully escapist - an opportunity to calm and center myself before the work day.

With Lockdown 2 upon us again (which, for me, sounds like a dodgy 80s action movie) I thought I would be more anxious but the calmness has remained. Although there has been significant action and a lot for us all to get our heads around, the second lockdown offers a strange sense of certainty and almost even comfort. To know where we stand and remain grounded in our faith.

However, this calmness does not diminish that the last year has been challenging and an exercise in physical and mental resilience. We are all required to be strong for others and ourselves and that is definitely not an easy feat to maintain all the time. Reaching out is not a weakness and there is strength in supporting one another.

Hope remains and the potential of the new vaccine is evidence of the world hoping and praying. Perhaps even the outcome of the American election too!

However, with the old normality seemingly within touching distance my mind turns to what opportunities Covid has brought yes, opportunities. People have been prepared to be a little but more patient, generous and appreciative of time spent with those nearest and dearest to us. My hope and prayer is that this continues whatever the future hold for us all.

From Pam


A Greeting from Margaret

As you know Margaret has been shielding in her home for a long time. She has been keeping in touch with us as we have with her and, until lockdown, was receiving Home Communion regularly. Speaking to her over the weekend she said how grateful she is for all our prayers and sends her love and good wishes to everyone. Margaret particularly wanted you to know that the long awaited surgery for a hip replacement is likely to be soon and she is waiting for a date. That is such good news. We send lots of prayers, and when it happens that she makes a good recovery. Margaret also said how much she enjoys getting the newsletter and reading people’s contributions which keeps her in touch - which was encouraging to hear.


16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence - from Jenny

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence is an annual international campaign that kicks off on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, and runs until 10 December, Human Rights Day. It started life in the United Nations, and now events happen all over the world as part of a global campaign to end violence against women and girls.

This is particularly important in this year of Covid-19. Even before the virus hit, violence against women and girls had reached unprecedented levels. Globally, 243 million women and girls were abused by an intimate partner in the past year. As countries implemented lockdown measures to stop the spread of the coronavirus, violence against women, especially domestic violence, intensified – in some countries, calls to helplines have increased five-fold. In others, formal reports of domestic violence have decreased as survivors find it harder to seek help and access support through the regular channels. School closures and economic strains left women and girls poorer, out of school and out of jobs, and more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse, forced marriage, and harassment. Domestic abuse is now called ‘the shadow pandemic’.

That’s one reason why the 16 days of activism is so necessary. If you’d like to know what the campaign looks like in other parts of the world, have a look here: and here:, to see what faith groups are doing.

At GGPC we know that domestic violence is, tragically, an issue in our area, as well as in other parts of the world. Admitting to yourself and others that you are experiencing domestic violence or any other form of abuse can be very difficult, but it is an important step towards getting protection for yourself and any children. For advice and support about domestic violence:

– Visit the One Stop Shop, a free drop-in advice service for male and female victims of domestic violence. Click here for full details, or call 0208 359 4797.

– Contact Barnet Solace Advocacy and Support Service on 0208 733 4113, or visit their website by clicking here.

– Call the 24-Hour National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. It’s open 24/7 and is free if you call from a landline or public phone.

– Male victims of domestic violence can contact the Men’s Advice Line on 0808 801 0327 (9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday).

– More information about support available in Barnet can be found on Barnet Council’s website.

If you are planning on leaving any form of abuse or violence, please click here for advice about safety planning and a safety packing list.


The Archbishops of Canterbury and York and senior church leaders have called a month of Prayer for the Nation during the second lockdown.
The suggestion is that as many of us as possible unite to do this at 6pm each day. There are a number of prayers for you to use each day or at any time.

Lord Jesus Christ,
In these dark and difficult days we turn our hearts to you.
In ages past you have delivered our nation from disaster.
Do it again we pray.

Give Wisdom beyond human wisdom to our leaders.
Give strength beyond human strength to the NHS and all our frontline workers.

Give comfort beyond human comfort to children and the elderly and all who grieve.

Lord, Jesus Christ. In these dark and difficult days, turn your face towards us, have mercy upon us, and heal our land we pray. Amen

Loving God,
your Son Jesus Christ came that we might have life and have it abundantly;
pour out your blessing upon our nation;
where there is illness,
bring your healing touch; where there is fear, strengthen us with the knowledge of your presence;
where there is uncertainty, build us up in faith;
where there is dishonesty, lead us into truth;
where there is discord, may we know the harmony of your love; this we ask in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Loving God,
at this time of crisis
when so many are suffering, we pray for our nation and our world.
Give our leaders wisdom, our Health Service strength, our people hope.

Lead us through these parched and dif cult days
to the fresh springs of joy and comfort that we nd in Jesus Christ our Lord.


Loving Father God
Be with us in our distress: with our families, friends and neighbours,
our country and our world. Give health to the sick,
hope to the fearful,
and comfort to the mourners. Give wisdom to our frontline and key workers,
insight to our government
and patience to us all; Overcome disease with the power of your new life, through your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen


Church of England Weekly Themes and Prayers

Sunday - Family, friends and loved ones
Monday - Schools and colleges, children and young people
Tuesday - Elderly, isolated and vulnerable
Wednesday - Businesses, the workplace and economic wellbeing
Thursday - The NHS and other key workers
Friday - National and Local government
Saturday - All who are grieving, and all suffering with physical and mental ill-health

Sunday Family, friends and loved ones
We lift to God those we hold in our hearts – praying for their health, their well-being and their sense of hope.

We pray that even when loved ones cannot physically be together they would not feel apart.

We ask for God’s help in our communicating, our connecting and our caring.

Monday Schools and colleges, children and young people
We pray for all those involved in the shaping of young lives.

We give God thanks for the sacrifice and commitment of teachers and all those involved in serving children and young people in education.

We pray that all might be nurtured and cared for and that every needful resource would be made available- that all lives can nourish even in these difficult times and that no one would be overlooked.

Tuesday Elderly, isolated and vulnerable
We echo God’s commitment to those most at risk of this virus by praying today for those who are particularly vulnerable and isolated: praying for their deliverance, protection and comfort.

We hold before God those who care for them – that they would be strengthened and encouraged in this work.

Wednesday Businesses, the workplace and economic wellbeing
In this time of great challenge, we pray for the economic wellbeing of the country.

We remember before God those who face great uncertainty in their work.

We lift before God those who have lost their jobs and face an uncertain and dif cult future. We pray for a renewed commitment to our common life together.

Thursday The NHS and other key workers
Our God is the great healer – and the agent used more than any other is the NHS. Today we voice our gratitude for those who serve this country in the National Health Service and pray for that God would prosper the work of their hands – that they would all be encouraged in their continued work of sacri ce and care amongst us.

Friday National and Local government
We pray for those who are Friday National and Local government Friday National and Local government
Dear God We pray for those who are in positions of authority with responsibility for decision making at national and local level at this difficult time. We ask that God would give great wisdom, deep commitment to all and right judgment.

Saturday All who are grieving, and all suffering with physical and mental ill-health
‘Lord the one you love is ill....’ John 11 v 3

We bring to God all those who suffer in body, mind, spirit or with grief. We ask that in God’s great loving kindness they might know God’s sustaining presence amidst their pain.

We pray for those who are stretched beyond their own capacity to cope and remain hopeful – that in the roar of these waterfalls God would bring a sense of coherence, comfort and strength.

YouTube - Worship Video of the week

Song for the week: May our attitude

Song for the week: Praises Of Israel - Ma Yakar Chasdecha(How Precious Is Your Lovingkindness)[Live]

Do you have favourite worship songs? Please email them to Sally
A message from Nehar

Brothers and sisters if anyone wants prayer ministry please let me know via the office. Monday to Friday 6pm to 7pm and on Sundays 10am – 12pm
Please continue to pray for those who have asked us as a community to pray for them

Okey J. O, Margaret M, Yvone S, Anna M, Jason E, Ian K, Eva M, Juliette D, Ivor S, Myfanwy K , Dorothy N, Sheila G, Sisi O and Mirela B.  
We at Golders Green Church will continue to offer a number of ways we can and will keep in contact though emailing and phoning each other, the use of Facebook and the website, sending out updates by supporting those who need shopping, prescriptions fetched, letters posted and anything else you may need if you are isolated at home, whether you are in the over 70-year-old age group, or, have underlying health conditions.

The important thing is, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We have a list of volunteers we can call on to help. If anyone wants to add their names to this, please email the churchwardens on Thank you.

Daily Hope - The Church of England Phone line church service - is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind.

Radio, Television and Online Worship

You may wish to join in worship during this time through television and radio.
Check online, in the Radio Times and elsewhere for details:
Songs of Praise BBC 1, Sunday afternoon, variable times
Sunday Worship BBC Radio 4, Sunday, 8.10am Choral Evensong BBC
Radio 3, Wednesday Daily Service
BBC Radio 4 (Longwave only), weekdays, 9.45am
Big Sunday Service Premier Christian Radio, Sunday, 7am, 8am, 10am Easter Sunday Eucharist A service is usually broadcast on the BBC on Easter morning
Free 24 hour telephone church service 0800 804 8044
Online resources Church of England Daily Prayer St Paul’s Cathedral have a number of resources available for us to use.
Church of England Online Resources during this time
Go On-line to " ps://", put in Area or post code and find a local church that broadcasts Worship.
Prayers from Christian Aid Pray as you Go (a short service each day in the Jesuit Tradition)
LICC have some great resources on their website
Especially on Covid-19
Golders Green Parish Church, 28/11/2020
Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Click here to see more.

Planning your Visit

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-26 at 1Welcome

New to Church

Welcome. Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life - we hope our website helps you find out what you want to know about Golders Green Parish Church.

Key information about the church:-

When and where does the church meet?
What to expect when I visit the church?
Is there a dress code?
Will I be made to feel uncomfortable?
I have more questions, how can I get in touch and ask them?

When and where does the church meet?
The church meets every Sunday at 10.00am. It helps to get there 10 minutes early and be seated in time for the service to start. We meet at Golders Green Parish Church, our address is West Heath Drive, Golders Green, London, NW11 7QG. 

What to expect when I visit the church?
You can expect a warm welcome, great worship, an impacting preach and a friendly group of people gathering to learn more about God. Also FREE tea, coffee and biscuits!

Is there a dress code?
No, just wear something comfortable!

Will I be made to feel uncomfortable?
 We want you to feel at home and enjoy the service. Do join us for a hot drink and biscuits after the service to get to know some people from the church.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch and ask them?
Please feel free to call 020 8455 1873 or email the church office with any questions you have and we will be happy to help you.