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Golders Green Parish Church – Newsletter

18 November 2020

Greetings to Everyone from Sally :

What a really lovely, interactive morning service we had on zoom with the Revd Mavis on Sunday. Thank you so much Mavis especially for making time for us to share our thoughts on the Gospel reading and giving us plenty to ponder about during the week, “The Parable of the Talents” (Matthew 25 v14-30) not being the easiest one to get to grips with;

From this Sunday 22nd November onwards our 10.00am services will be led by the Revd Charlotte . We welcome Charlotte and look forward to her being with us until Easter.

This week we have an article from Jennifer, our parish administrator, writing about her life and the work she is doing.

Tony is giving us an update on how things are developing with the parish profile and, inevitably, about the progress of the church heating.

Several comments were made about the colourful stole Archdeacon John wore when he took our Remembrance Day service. As a result, below, is a short piece John sent us on its history. You will also find the sermon he preached on Youtube for those of you who missed it or who would like to hear it again:

We also have more information available for you about broadcast Services, prayers, hymns and short reflected talks in which you can join especially if you listen over the phone.

Update from Tony

There are two things that are the focus of my parish work at the moment. My first is the profile and the other is the heating and electrics and general fabric of the building.

Last week the PCC had a general discussion about the profile. There is a current incomplete draft on which PCC members are commenting on. This will hopefully identify things that have not been picked up in the returned questionnaires and in what has already been written and help improve the draft. Your two parish representatives are aiming to have a completed draft at the end of this month for a fuller discussion in the PCC next month before meeting Bishop Rob and then hopefully publication of job adverts early in the new year.

At last weeks PCC we also discussed the heating system for the main part of our building. The boiler needs to be replaced, certainly repaired. However we need to look at ensuring that we have sufficient capacity both to fulfil current heating needs and to have a backup in place. Some members of the PCC are helping me to investigate this and we hope to have a suite of solutions that hopefully will provide us with a more stable solution going
Thank you for all your prayers. Do pray for our work for the new incumbent, for wisdom in resolving the heating and the electrics, which I know have not discussed this time. Do also pray for Charlotte who is going to be with us for a while and for our Sunday services.

Blessings in Him.

Jennifer our Parish Administrator

Hello, I am Jennifer and I have been the Parish Administrator at the Golders Green Church since June 2020. I also do similar work at a Catholic Church in Westminster.

So far, I have enjoyed my time at the Golders Green Church and learnt new skills and met some lovely people who have been most helpful to me in introducing what the new role entails which I have very much appreciated.

I was born and raised in West London / Paddington as a practising Catholic. My family heritage is mixed. My mother was of Indian descent from Trinidad and my father of Indian & Austrian descent. Many of my summer holidays as a child were spent in Trinidad liming on the beach, experiencing Carnival and its vibrant costumes and soca songs and enjoying chicken curry & roti made by my aunties.

By trade, I am a Social Worker and have worked in various mental health units for many years. To see people getting better and moving on is a joy to see.

I live in Maida Vale with my husband & three teenage children and there is never a dull moment. We go to church on Saturday evenings and my children are altar servers. My
daughter recently made her Confirmation, and it was a joyous occasion despite the second lockdown looming.

Once the lockdown has been lifted, please do not hesitate to pop into the office on a Tuesday or Wednesday to say hi. I am available on the office phone should you have any
questions regarding the church, lockdown etc.

Keep Safe and Stay Blessed.


From Archdeacon John

“I had the stole made made when I went to Ghana in 1997. It was blessed for my use at St George Garrison Church Burma Camp when I was staying for some weeks with my Uncle. The golden stool is incorporated in the design, it may be controversial as it has a potent history for the Asante People who believe that the original was sent from heaven and the golden stool has a spiritual connection. The legend I was told was that the golden stool was lost and when it returns to Ghana there will be an age of prosperity for the nation!! The British Museum has a replica. The colours are one of the many traditional Kente cloth designs”

Mavis has shared some of the Resource Notices from St Paul’s Finchley for our Information.

Helpful Resources


Family Prayer
Family Prayer2
YouTube - Worship Video of the week

Song for the week: DANCE WITH ME/GLORY COME DOWN: JEWISH & GENTILE artists worshipping Jesu...

Do you have favourite worship songs? Please email them to Sally
A message from Nehar

Brothers and sisters if anyone wants prayer ministry please let me know via the office. Monday to Friday 6pm to 7pm and on Sundays 10am – 12pm
Please continue to pray for those who have asked us as a community to pray for them

Okey J. O, Margaret M, Yvone S, Anna M, Jason E, Ian K, Eva M, Juliette D, Ivor S, Myfanwy K , Dorothy N, Sheila G, Sisi O and Mirela B.  
We at Golders Green Church will continue to offer a number of ways we can and will keep in contact though emailing and phoning each other, the use of Facebook and the website, sending out updates by supporting those who need shopping, prescriptions fetched, letters posted and anything else you may need if you are isolated at home, whether you are in the over 70-year-old age group, or, have underlying health conditions.

The important thing is, PLEASE LET US KNOW. We have a list of volunteers we can call on to help. If anyone wants to add their names to this, please email the churchwardens on Thank you.

Daily Hope - The Church of England Phone line church service - is available 24 hours a day on 0800 804 8044 – has been set up particularly with those unable to join online church services during the period of restrictions in mind.

Radio, Television and Online Worship

You may wish to join in worship during this time through television and radio.
Check online, in the Radio Times and elsewhere for details:
Songs of Praise BBC 1, Sunday afternoon, variable times
Sunday Worship BBC Radio 4, Sunday, 8.10am Choral Evensong BBC
Radio 3, Wednesday Daily Service
BBC Radio 4 (Longwave only), weekdays, 9.45am
Big Sunday Service Premier Christian Radio, Sunday, 7am, 8am, 10am Easter Sunday Eucharist A service is usually broadcast on the BBC on Easter morning
Free 24 hour telephone church service 0800 804 8044
Online resources Church of England Daily Prayer St Paul’s Cathedral have a number of resources available for us to use.
Church of England Online Resources during this time
Go On-line to " ps://", put in Area or post code and find a local church that broadcasts Worship.
Prayers from Christian Aid Pray as you Go (a short service each day in the Jesuit Tradition)
LICC have some great resources on their website
Especially on Covid-19
Golders Green Parish Church, 18/11/2020
Hello and welcome to our church. If you are a new visitor, we have a page for you to get to know us and learn more about planning a visit.
Click here to see more.

Planning your Visit

WhatsApp Image 2021-11-26 at 1Welcome

New to Church

Welcome. Whether you've just moved to the area, or have lived here all your life - we hope our website helps you find out what you want to know about Golders Green Parish Church.

Key information about the church:-

When and where does the church meet?
What to expect when I visit the church?
Is there a dress code?
Will I be made to feel uncomfortable?
I have more questions, how can I get in touch and ask them?

When and where does the church meet?
The church meets every Sunday at 10.00am. It helps to get there 10 minutes early and be seated in time for the service to start. We meet at Golders Green Parish Church, our address is West Heath Drive, Golders Green, London, NW11 7QG. 

What to expect when I visit the church?
You can expect a warm welcome, great worship, an impacting preach and a friendly group of people gathering to learn more about God. Also FREE tea, coffee and biscuits!

Is there a dress code?
No, just wear something comfortable!

Will I be made to feel uncomfortable?
 We want you to feel at home and enjoy the service. Do join us for a hot drink and biscuits after the service to get to know some people from the church.

I have more questions, how can I get in touch and ask them?
Please feel free to call 020 8455 1873 or email the church office with any questions you have and we will be happy to help you.